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Written from Existence

2016-07-04 01:08:15 by MC-Jimmy

Check out my newest Overquill song. The battle theme.

Written from Existence

Hope you guys think it's cool and exciting. Stay tuned for more songs from the game. Until then, headbang to this.

Midi Album

2016-06-14 16:23:07 by MC-Jimmy


Midis by MC Jimmy

Hello everyone. I made a couple new midi versions of my songs.

Every Day it Rains and Nothing Can Hold Me Down

If you want to get the album, which consists of 4 songs so far, you get the midi files of the songs as a bonus to mess around with if you like.

Help Me Out

2016-05-14 20:02:10 by MC-Jimmy

Well, I am on my way into a new chapter with this journey we call life. I’m moving into a place all by myself in the coming weeks after months of preparation. I’m very low on funds right now (I basically have nothing and loans due) with the whole renovation so I could actually live in this particular place. Everything had to be fixed up. The electric, plumbing, roof, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. What would really help me is if anyone could pass some money along to help me out with the transition. Obviously I need to get myself food, dishes and silverware to eat the food, containers to put the food in if I don’t finish it, a bed, and I think that’s about it for essentials. Everything else is unnecessary at the moment like internet, dresser, couch, television, and all that sort of stuff.

If you want to help out, repost this little paragraph so others can maybe help me. Anyways, there are plenty of ways you can get money to me. The first way, which is probably the easiest, is with PayPal. The other way is donating money or purchasing some of my tracks and albums on either Bandcamp or GooglePlay.

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read this. ( :

Updated Site

2016-05-06 03:43:52 by MC-Jimmy

Well I updated my website. I'm no designer, but I thought it looked nicer. Take a look.

Overquill Dev Log 1

2016-04-23 05:36:39 by MC-Jimmy

We have some cool progress on the game I've been doing music and sound on. We have some concept art, sprites, and music.

Check out all the info here - Pandashock Games

Music - A Story Unwritten


Chiptune Singles and Cops Music

2016-03-23 01:02:57 by MC-Jimmy

Chiptune Singles by MC Jimmy

Bam. All my randomly made songs that aren’t for anything in particular rolled up into an album for easy access. There’s only 9 songs in there now, but I’ll add to it later anything I do probably, or maybe some unfinished stuff. My personal favorites are The Dust Rider’s Journey, Sunset Sailing, and Everyday it Rains. Give those a listen if you aren’t too interested at least.

I also made a couple new songs for the Cops game I composed music for before.

Felon's Forest and Underhanded Underground are the two songs I uploaded on Newgrounds.


2016-02-17 16:55:47 by MC-Jimmy

So I've been working on music for a few weeks for an RPG game titled Overquill. To put it short, Overquill is an 8 bit RPG with modern elements that tells the story of a writer that can manipulate the world around him with the words written from his quill. I just wanted to bring to attention the person working on it so you can get all hyped when he finally has a demo ready for it. You can check out his Website here, the Facebook page he created for his company, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter so you can get updates on the progress of things. Anyways, I hope you like one of the songs that's still being worked on that I shared on my tumblr blog. The soundtrack is going to be a mix of chipmusic, modern stuff, and real instruments.


2016-01-11 06:10:46 by MC-Jimmy

Well this is something nifty I found out about. I can apparently make a subscription thing on my bandcamp, so if you like the work I do and want to help me out, you can subscribe to my page on there. It's a yearly thing so it gives you anything I release over the year for free, plus my older stuff, and exclusive songs & demos I might upload on there. Anywho, it would really help me out if I got some people on that to support me, since I usually have everything up for free on here or my soundcloud.

Google Play and Kickstarter

2015-02-17 02:15:45 by MC-Jimmy

Well my stuff is available on Google Play now! If you are interested in using your google bucks on my music then head over and purchase some tracks over there. Also take a look at this KickStarter for The Adventures of Kroma 2. Blog about it, post about it, tweet it, donate some cash to it to help get it funded. Any help would be appreciated.


Cops Now Available Everywheres!

2014-12-15 11:24:47 by MC-Jimmy

Cops is now available on all major mobile platforms now!

GooglePlay (Android)

Windows Phone (Windows)

iTunes App Store (iOS)

Don't forget to download and support the album on BandCamp!